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High School Summer Camp 2017

High School Summer Camp

A week like no other, a week without distraction, a week filled with crazy fun activities with all your friends and also building new friendships, and also having the best time of your life. A week that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER. We will be having the greatest time on House Boats enjoying Lake mead, with jests, water tubing, water games, and of course a lot of swimming.

This is perhaps one of our favorite weeks of the year. Over the years, thousands can testify to what God has done in their own life, families & schools at summer camps. What can usually take months or even years, God can do in a moment at summer camp. One week of drug and alcohol free camp run by C3 Church Mycity Youth Ministry with medical and security on site..

Travel Details

June 26th- Bus Depart from C3 Church North Campus 2716 Gateway Rd Carlsbad, Ca at 5:00am
Arrive at Callvile Bay Marina 100 Callville Bay Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89120 12:00pm
Returning to C3 Church North Campus July 1st by 10:00pm

What To Bring

-Sleeping Bag -Pillow
-Toiletries -Bathing Suits -Towel -4 days of clothes
-sunscreen – Hat -Bible and Notepad

What Not To Bring

We recommend that you do not bring valuables to camp. Any valuables brought will be the responsibility of the student who brings them. No Drugs, Alcohol, or Tobacco, all will be confiscated and reported back to parental guardians.


Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner is provided within the cost, along with Snacks.
Please bring money for last meal on the way back home on July 1st.


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